A Guide To Automated Check Processing

Have you noticed that paying with a check has become obsolete?  Years ago, it wasn’t unusual to wait behind someone in the checkout line while they made out their check.   These days, it almost seems as though actual cash is being replaced with plastic money and digital dollars.  How exactly do these forms of payment… Read More »

How To Evaluate Different Credit Card Processing Companies

Whether you own and operate a physical business where customers can come into your store and purchase your goods and services or you own an online business, you need to work with the best business credit card processing companies and set up a business credit card processing system so that your customers can make purchases.… Read More »

Selecting A Payment Processing Company

If you are ready for your store to go online, or if your company has been online for awhile, but you want to find new online payment processing companies for your business, you may be overwhelmed by the quantity of companies that offer these services. It may seem like every company is the same, with… Read More »

Choosing A Point Of Sale System For Your Small Business

You have decided that it is time to branch out on your own and become your own boss. Owning and running your own store has been a lifelong dream for you and so you have carefully done your research to choose the type of store that would meet consumer needs in your area, have created… Read More »

Ten Reasons Your Customers Use Credit Cards

If you are reading this page, you have probably decided to open a credit card merchant account, or are strongly considering opening one. It may help to see things from the perspective of your customers. Many and perhaps most people prefer to have the option of using a credit card for their purchases. Your customers… Read More »

The Types of Small Business Administration Loans

If you’re like me you at one point had considered getting a loan to start your own business. If you already have a business of your own you may have considered looking for a business loan to expand your business into new types of services. Regardless of the reasoning I believe all businesses at some… Read More »

Working With PoS Systems – The General Advantage

Gone are the days of writing things out on paper and writing receipts. In a modern era more businesses are starting to look into the futuristic ways of doing business. Whether it is a singular point of sale system created specifically with the type of business in mind or simply accepting your payments through your… Read More »

The Story of a PC Repair Shop

I wanted to give some helpful advice to those considering starting a computer repair shop. The PC repair business is often cited as a difficult business to make a success. For many the cost of doing business is much lower at the start, but to be able to produce a professional quality service with a… Read More »

The Truth About Cash Advance Loans

A lot of money is spent advertising different types of cash advance loans. Many lenders have found them to be highly effective at generating a return on their investment because of the type of service being provided. In the simplest terms a cash advance loan is an up-front payment made towards a business or individual… Read More »

A Basic Guide to Small Business Loans

Over the past twenty years the cost of doing business has increased while it has become more difficult to turn a profit. With a large pool of competitors, higher costs for common goods, and a current trend of finding everything online, small businesses are finding it more difficult to compete in the marketplace. With limited… Read More »